New year, new chances; more debate!

Its the season for new year’s resolutions and positive thoughts, where we remind ourselves to reach further and achieve bigger dreams. Wageningen Debating offers you the possibility to stop dreaming and start taking action!  Every week you get the chance to improve  a skill in the field of debating that could help you think critically, make better arguments, present your thoughts clearly and much more!

From now on you can find us every Thursday in Impulse (WUR building 115) from 19.30 to 21.00. Afterwards we might spontaneously decide to go for a drink to prolong the fun but of course, no strings attached ;).

You can join us some times before deciding if you would like to become a member, we promise you would love it! Membership offers you the opportunity to improve your debating abilities through workshops, weekly meetings and local & international tournaments, and all these while paying almost nothing. Beside this you also have the opportunity to meet new people, have fun, travel, attend social activities and give your own workshops once you’re ready.  The list goes on and on….don’t hesitate; join us now! The floor is yours.

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Registrations are now Open. Places are limited so fill in the form fast!