Wageningen internal tournament

This tournament was the first big event of Wageningen Debating since the papers were signed in September 2013. In three rounds, two teams spoke parallel in nine rooms. Format was American Parliamentary and speaking times were 3-3-2 minutes. After every debate feedback was given but no results.

Motions were made by the students themselves and provided in advance. Losely translated they read:

R1: All physicians and medical specialists from low-income countries are obliged to, after graduation, work in their own country for four years first.

R2: The European Union should stimulate the production of genetically modified crops.

R3: People over 75 years who are given up for further treatment , can no longer have access to life-extending operations.

After three rounds, the debaters found that although it is hard to do all those things at the same time, debating is also a lot of fun. Sure the stroopwafels and chocolate intermezzos also took great part in the fun.

Only two teams, Debatto ergo sum and De smurfen, won all three rounds and therefore broke to the finals. Special credits were given to Anne van der Heijden of Knowitalls, she ironed her first debate ever without even saying a word about it!

Finals: Loanwords should be driven from the Dutch language.

Breaking positions decided Debatto ergo sum was in position of proposition, De smurfen in opposition. Judges were Jerry Helmers, Laura Kersten, Robert Nieuwenhuizen and all chaired by Roeland Hemsteede.

Beste spreaker with 240 points was Tessa Canoy, the final was won by opposition. Nathania and Jelske are now not only the first Wageningen Champions, but also got a Wildcard to the Dutch Championships of ‘fast-debating’ on May 24th coming.

The tab can be found here.

Thanks to all the judges for making our idea work, the debaters for something to talk about AND formulating the motions and the university for making our dream come true! We hope to welcome you next year on the first ever Wageningen Open or Wageningen IV. Next year, we’ll take care it will be as great.

The floor is yours!

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Lunch lecture: Nourish your brain!

Elsewine workshop

Did you know that whatever you eat has a direct impact on your body and your brain? Your brain needs proteins, fat, carbs, vitamins and minerals in order to work. If these are consumed in the right amount and proportion, the brain can function appropriately and with that, the learning abilities are optimal. With your food, you can influence this in a positive way!

Next to that, there are some easy exercises that improve your brain condition and learning abilities a lot, and makes it easier to study.

Do you want to learn more about these topics? Elsewine Rietveld, Nutritional Therapist, kinesiologist and Feminine Presence teacher comes to facilitate a lunch lecture on Monday may 26th.

The lecture will start at 12:30 and at 13:20 we start the debate, you can also walk in and out when you want! Entrace is free, we meet you at our own location, as always!

You are welcome to join!

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Nationaal Vrijheidsdebat – 5 mei 2014


Nationaal Vrijheidsdebat 5 mei 2014

Thema: Meer veiligheid, minder vrijheid? – privacy als wisselgeld?

Inleiding:  Veiligheid is een belangrijke menselijke behoefte: niemand wil leven in situaties waarin je je leven niet veilig bent vanwege geweld of onderdrukking. Het gaat daarbij natuurlijk niet alleen om fysieke veiligheid, maar ook om onder meer sociale, economische en ecologische veiligheid. Ook moeten onze vrijheid en onze rechten van de mens gewaarborgd worden. De overheid heeft de verantwoordelijkheid die veiligheid te bieden en die rechten daarmee te waarborgen. Het gaat dus om overheidsmaatregelen ter bescherming van centrale waarden in de samenleving. Veiligheid is een van die waarden. Hierbij kan zich echter een interessant dilemma voordoen. Een dilemma dat zeker in de tijd van digitalisering en internationalisering enkel maar actueler wordt.

Het Nationaal Comité Herdenking Capitulatie organiseert daarom het vrijheidsdebat in de ochtend van 5 mei. Het debat zal onder leiding zijn van de dagvoorzitter Professor G. Frerks

Voor het debat zijn drie sprekers uitgenodigd die vanuit hun achtergrond en expertise licht zullen schijnen op het onderwerp.

De sprekers zijn:

Mevrouw Bibi van Ginke –  van Clingendael  over internationale verhoudingen
Mevrouw Sophie Helena in  ’ t Veld – Lid Europees Parlement vanuit de politiek
De heer  Pieter Bindt – Directeur MIVD –  Schout-bij-Nacht vanuit een militair gezichtspunt.

Datum 5 mei 2014


09.00 – 09.45   Ontvangst
10.00 – 11.00   Inleiding en het woord aan de sprekers
10.00 – 11.30   Pauze
11.30 – 12.30   Plenaire discussie  o.l.v.  dagvoorzitter

Na afloop is er de mogelijkheid de officiële 5 mei viering bij te wonen of natuurlijk het festivalterrein op te gaan.


Hof van Wageningen
Lawickse Allee 9
6701 An Wageningen

Ook een bijdrage leveren? Toegang is gratis, je kunt je plaats reserveren via Eventbrite en ons Facebook event.

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New location

We have a new space to practice! The building Impulse, build especially for the purpose of meeting new people, conversation and debate. You find the building when going from Forum over the (now closed) bridge and on the small cycling path just straight ahead off the bridge. When passing the cycle shed on your left, you will see the building Impulse on the right. You enter, go left, up the stairs and left again. The room on your left (Reflection) is where you can meet us, we start at 19:30.

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Debate summer academy

The Pécs Debate Summer Academy is a unique regional initiative started in 2013. It functions also as International Studies Summer School, which provide an opportunity for students from all corners of the world to get engaged with a series of debates on topics closely connected with our transnational and ‘glocal’ world. British Parliamentary Debate System will be introduced to the participants as method of debating. Level of debate academy: NOVICE. The most active participants gain 7 ECTS credits.

Interested in joining? Check http://www.icwip.hu or contact us! We are happy to provide you with additional information.

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