vision of the board ´17-´18

Learning together

Wageningen Debating wants to be a household name for every student of Wageningen University. The board wants to be ambitious and reach several new goals. Firstly, it wants to grow Wageningen Debating in size and reputation, to be able to show more students what WD has to offer. To do this, members will be stimulated during training to be active, but also to participate in (international) tournaments. This helps them to develop not only the association, but also their own competences.

Besides trainings and tournaments, WD aims to be active in giving workshops, lectures and working in collaborations. To do this successfully, we need more and better contact with partner associations. One way to do this is by collaborating on trainings. A recent example is the hydroponics debate. Several Wageningen assocations we could work together with include Boerengroep, Veste, United Netherlands, etc.

Lastly, WD wants to be a welcoming association for everybody with an interest in debating. For that reason, trainings are open to anyone who wants to have a look. Members are free to bring along a friend and let them participate low-key in a training.

The board of Wageningen Debating values solidarity highly. We would like to stimulate all members to eat together before trainings, to have a drink together after trainings or organize movie nights at member´s homes. This way, we hope everybody will feel included in our organization. We aim to create a sense of belonging to our society.

As always, the board is open to suggestions on improvements of our trainings or any other aspect of the organization. Everybody in this organization can learn together.

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“Dutch Identical Twins” for one last time; a.k.a. the story of a complete and utter failure at Zagreb Open 2017

Just a week after allying with Spanish friends Carlota and Irene in Paris, Perly and I joined forces for one last time at the Zagreb Open. Indeed, I knew by then that this was very likely going to be my final debating tournament, at least the one where I was going to represent Wageningen. It seemed highly appropriate to end my career in a team where it all started. I did not have any competitive expectations this time, just wanting to enjoy the tournament and do my best. Still, Perly and I did remarkably well in the past, so I was feeling positive there might be a chance for a “Dutch upset in the Balkans”.

Starting round number one, a media debate. I have a bad record on media debates, since they are relatively low-impact debates with generic arguments. So we did not do very well to be honest, however still good enough for the second place in that round. In the second round we got pulled up to the top room and the debate was about “banning non-vaccinated kids from public schools”. As the opening opposition, we thought it was a bad plan for the kids, who happen to have irrational parents, and a bad plan for other kids as well, since the policy would create pandemic hot-spots in private schools. Another second, and we beat the late champions of the tournament. Not a bad start!

This was however followed by a couple of failed debates. In the third round, where we were opposing the nuclear missile programme in the EU, our arguments were just all over the place, arguing no one will ever dare to use the missiles and at the same time that such a policy would increase the danger of a nuclear war. Fourth place :/. I obviously suck at debates about nukes, just ask Natania how we did at the Worlds. Fourth round, aaaaaand another fourth place

This round, we defended that all Uber users should be members of workers unions. At this point I must point out that the debating community is at most times a safe-haven for social-liberal argumentation. As such, politically left arguments might have difficulty in convincing the judges. This was reflected in the judge’s call, where he dismissed our premise that it is in the “objective interest of workers to have better working conditions and higher wages”, by saying there is a plurality of interests and we cannot say there is one objective interest for a whole social class. What a load of relativist bullshit… What an obscure imaginary of the world, where some workers are indeed masochists, who do not think they deserve higher wages and would love to work on zero-hours contracts for the rest of their lives.

Knowing we lost all chances for breaking, we decided to take a relaxed approach in the fifth round, where we opposed the notion that the US should pay reparations to the victims of war on drugs. Here, we just went for a hard-line military approach of wiping up criminal gangs, defending that the collateral damage was justified. Also, we said, otherwise drug cartels would have increased their power and produced even more drugs. Ridiculous militarist argumentation, and we actually managed to get another second, thus finishing slightly above the bottom of the tab.

Thus concluded Zagreb Open. Oh wait, there was a wild party that night, but some things are better left unsaid. From a competitive perspective this was my worst tournament, but Perly and I had loads of fun!


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Great Debate Summer for Wageningen!

Not only did we organize our second tournament, our members Perly van het Kruys and Nathania Engelhardt participated in two major tournaments and stood on their first (major) final stage!

debate outside WO.jpg

Bring the debate to Wageningen!

Wageningen Open 2016 was a great success! Despite the amount of participate being lower than expected due to a sad mix of circumstances, we had enough people to run 5 fantastic pre-rounds. We would like to thank our CA team (can’t stop thanking them really) for their fantastic input! Although some of them couldn’t be there, Daniel & Sjoerd represented the team in the best way possible.

Many thanks goes to Impulse Wageningen as well for hosting the tournament.Wageningen Campus was filled with many students from countries such as Great Britain, Ireland, Germany and of course The Netherlands, just to mention a few. Motions ranged from “the ICC offering dictatorial leaders an amnesty from prosecution in exchange for stepping down from power”to THE Tinder debate of the year (about the newest update which would allow partners to publish reviews of each other’s sexual performance after an encounter). Some debates where even held outside in the grass as shown on the picture above! It was great fun 🙂

It was also a great moment of pride to see our very own Perly run his first tournament as a tab-master! You can find the result of his work (aka The tab) here. Congratulations to the Open winners: Aodhan Peelo & Megan Fennelly and Novice winners: Yimin Ge & Samuel Scheuer with their achievement. Also to the best speaker:Aodhan Peelo & best novice speaker Dara Keenan.

Thanks to  MONSTERCookie and Teun Fiers, you can find the pictures here & here! Don’t forget to give MONSTERCookie a like on Facebook 😉

CMUDE 2016 – Campionato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español

(World Championships University Debating in Spanish)

Perly and Nathania teamed up to join both the CMUDE in Cordoba as the pre-CMUDE  in Madrid. After getting used to debating in Spanish in Madrid they went and broke to the Spanish as a second language finals at the CMUDE-2016! After a nerve-wrecking good final, unfortunately they didn’t win the title. But in our hearts they are still nr1! We are so proud of them!


EUDC 2016- European University Debating Championships in Warsaw

For the first time Wageningen University was represented in an EUDC! It was up to our dynamic duo Perly & Nathania again to debate against Titans of the debating world. If you believe the stories and pictures they had quite some fun next to the debates! They did not break but they broke the barrier for more Wageningen Teams to participate in major tournaments! We hope to hear more from them in the future as they will be debating (with different partners) at some other major tournaments including Lisbon Open & World Championships which will be held in The Hague this year.





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IDEA Debate Exchange -Ljubljana 2015


IDEA Wageningen Debating was also represented during the second IDEA Debate Exchange in Slovenia that took place from August 9-16. There were several interesting workshops and trainings designed to train-the trainers and to help associations to recruit members, organ-ize tournaments and much more. Topics included amongst many: member recruitment, PR, spreading debate, training disadvantaged youth, organizing tour-naments and project management

All participants got the chance to practice the newly acquired skills by either organizing, tabbing or participating at the Exchangers IV tournament that took place on the last day of the event. Our own secretary, Nathania, even managed to become 4th best speaker during this mini-tournament with a total of 149 speaker points after 2 rounds.

Besides these valuable trainings there was the opportunity for networking with members of different Debate organisations. There was also plenty of time to discover the beautiful city of Ljubljana, and we even travelled to some nice locations in Slovenia!

2015-08-12 13.07.47

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New year, new chances; more debate!

Its the season for new year’s resolutions and positive thoughts, where we remind ourselves to reach further and achieve bigger dreams. Wageningen Debating offers you the possibility to stop dreaming and start taking action!  Every week you get the chance to improve  a skill in the field of debating that could help you think critically, make better arguments, present your thoughts clearly and much more!

From now on you can find us every Thursday in Impulse (WUR building 115) from 19.30 to 21.00. Afterwards we might spontaneously decide to go for a drink to prolong the fun but of course, no strings attached ;).

You can join us some times before deciding if you would like to become a member, we promise you would love it! Membership offers you the opportunity to improve your debating abilities through workshops, weekly meetings and local & international tournaments, and all these while paying almost nothing. Beside this you also have the opportunity to meet new people, have fun, travel, attend social activities and give your own workshops once you’re ready.  The list goes on and on….don’t hesitate; join us now! The floor is yours.

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Training on Thursdays

We are here for our members, if they are unhappy we try our best to make them happy. During our member assembly it became clear that Tuesday is not such a great day to debate. So starting January 8th 2015, we will move our training to Thursdays!

You can find us at the same place: Impulse (WUR building 115) from 19.30 to 21.00. After 9 pm you will then e free to do your own but we might spontaneously decide to go for a drink to prolong the fun 😉 Special training for BP debaters right before tournaments might take a bit longer than 1.5 hour but we will announce this beforehand.

Join us; the floor is yours!

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1st General Member Assembly (ALV)

For the first time ever, Wageningen Debating will assemble all its members and make the first board change of its short history. The meeting will take place on November 4th in Impulse from 19.30 to 21.30 and is followed by a party. During the meeting we will discuss the house rules, past and future of the association and of course approve the new board of Wageningen Debating.
To take part of this historic event you are kindly requested to become a member of Wageningen Debating by subscribing via our website using the following link.

Members will receive the program of the meeting a week before the event. After the meeting (from 22.00 onwards) we will celebrate this milestone with an Amazing party  at Cafe Loburg
Do not forget to highlight this event in all of your diaries, calendars and notebooks. It will be a night not to be forgotten for ages!

Details: Tuesday November 4th, 19.30 onwards at Impulse; Reflection room
Note: You must become a member of Wageningen Debating

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First trainings

Like last year, our trainings are completely open to new participants. We keep training regulary on Tuesdays, 7.30 to 9.30 p.m in Impulse. Trainings will consist of a theoretic explanation on a certain debating skill and practicing this skill in games and debates. The trainings in September will be focussed on the basic skills, in order to make it easy to step in as an inexperienced debater.

Wanna see more? Check out our promo!

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