vision of the board ´17-´18

Learning together

Wageningen Debating wants to be a household name for every student of Wageningen University. The board wants to be ambitious and reach several new goals. Firstly, it wants to grow Wageningen Debating in size and reputation, to be able to show more students what WD has to offer. To do this, members will be stimulated during training to be active, but also to participate in (international) tournaments. This helps them to develop not only the association, but also their own competences.

Besides trainings and tournaments, WD aims to be active in giving workshops, lectures and working in collaborations. To do this successfully, we need more and better contact with partner associations. One way to do this is by collaborating on trainings. A recent example is the hydroponics debate. Several Wageningen assocations we could work together with include Boerengroep, Veste, United Netherlands, etc.

Lastly, WD wants to be a welcoming association for everybody with an interest in debating. For that reason, trainings are open to anyone who wants to have a look. Members are free to bring along a friend and let them participate low-key in a training.

The board of Wageningen Debating values solidarity highly. We would like to stimulate all members to eat together before trainings, to have a drink together after trainings or organize movie nights at member´s homes. This way, we hope everybody will feel included in our organization. We aim to create a sense of belonging to our society.

As always, the board is open to suggestions on improvements of our trainings or any other aspect of the organization. Everybody in this organization can learn together.

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