Great Debate Summer for Wageningen!

Not only did we organize our second tournament, our members Perly van het Kruys and Nathania Engelhardt participated in two major tournaments and stood on their first (major) final stage!

debate outside WO.jpg

Bring the debate to Wageningen!

Wageningen Open 2016 was a great success! Despite the amount of participate being lower than expected due to a sad mix of circumstances, we had enough people to run 5 fantastic pre-rounds. We would like to thank our CA team (can’t stop thanking them really) for their fantastic input! Although some of them couldn’t be there, Daniel & Sjoerd represented the team in the best way possible.

Many thanks goes to Impulse Wageningen as well for hosting the tournament.Wageningen Campus was filled with many students from countries such as Great Britain, Ireland, Germany and of course The Netherlands, just to mention a few. Motions ranged from “the ICC offering dictatorial leaders an amnesty from prosecution in exchange for stepping down from power”to THE Tinder debate of the year (about the newest update which would allow partners to publish reviews of each other’s sexual performance after an encounter). Some debates where even held outside in the grass as shown on the picture above! It was great fun 🙂

It was also a great moment of pride to see our very own Perly run his first tournament as a tab-master! You can find the result of his work (aka The tab) here. Congratulations to the Open winners: Aodhan Peelo & Megan Fennelly and Novice winners: Yimin Ge & Samuel Scheuer with their achievement. Also to the best speaker:Aodhan Peelo & best novice speaker Dara Keenan.

Thanks to  MONSTERCookie and Teun Fiers, you can find the pictures here & here! Don’t forget to give MONSTERCookie a like on Facebook 😉

CMUDE 2016 – Campionato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español

(World Championships University Debating in Spanish)

Perly and Nathania teamed up to join both the CMUDE in Cordoba as the pre-CMUDE  in Madrid. After getting used to debating in Spanish in Madrid they went and broke to the Spanish as a second language finals at the CMUDE-2016! After a nerve-wrecking good final, unfortunately they didn’t win the title. But in our hearts they are still nr1! We are so proud of them!


EUDC 2016- European University Debating Championships in Warsaw

For the first time Wageningen University was represented in an EUDC! It was up to our dynamic duo Perly & Nathania again to debate against Titans of the debating world. If you believe the stories and pictures they had quite some fun next to the debates! They did not break but they broke the barrier for more Wageningen Teams to participate in major tournaments! We hope to hear more from them in the future as they will be debating (with different partners) at some other major tournaments including Lisbon Open & World Championships which will be held in The Hague this year.





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