1st General Member Assembly (ALV)

For the first time ever, Wageningen Debating will assemble all its members and make the first board change of its short history. The meeting will take place on November 4th in Impulse from 19.30 to 21.30 and is followed by a party. During the meeting we will discuss the house rules, past and future of the association and of course approve the new board of Wageningen Debating.
To take part of this historic event you are kindly requested to become a member of Wageningen Debating by subscribing via our website using the following link.

Members will receive the program of the meeting a week before the event. After the meeting (from 22.00 onwards) we will celebrate this milestone with an Amazing party  at Cafe Loburg
Do not forget to highlight this event in all of your diaries, calendars and notebooks. It will be a night not to be forgotten for ages!

Details: Tuesday November 4th, 19.30 onwards at Impulse; Reflection room
Note: You must become a member of Wageningen Debating

By Sem

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