Lunch lecture: Nourish your brain!

Elsewine workshop

Did you know that whatever you eat has a direct impact on your body and your brain? Your brain needs proteins, fat, carbs, vitamins and minerals in order to work. If these are consumed in the right amount and proportion, the brain can function appropriately and with that, the learning abilities are optimal. With your food, you can influence this in a positive way!

Next to that, there are some easy exercises that improve your brain condition and learning abilities a lot, and makes it easier to study.

Do you want to learn more about these topics? Elsewine Rietveld, Nutritional Therapist, kinesiologist and Feminine Presence teacher comes to facilitate a lunch lecture on Monday may 26th.

The lecture will start at 12:30 and at 13:20 we start the debate, you can also walk in and out when you want! Entrace is free, we meet you at our own location, as always!

You are welcome to join!

By Sem

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