Wageningen Debating

Wageningen Debating has been founded in order to stimulate people, especially students of Wageningen University, to have a well-founded opinion and share that with others. Everyone has an opinion on every subject, the one more specific than the other. But the trick is not having an opinion, nor the arguments the opinion is based on. The trick is to make someone else understand what you think, how you came to this understanding and why one should think about it. And debating in that context is just the tip of the iceberg.

Doing debates is more than just making a good argument, more than convincing someone of the opinion to get your honours and close the topic. Although that might be a little black and white, debating is only a certain way to acquire skills one uses every single day in life.

There are various reasons to join a debate society. There are people that just love to debate because it is fun. Some want to meet new people while discussing interesting topics, others are interested in practicing and improving valuable skills such as public speaking, argumentation and logic reasoning. There are also people that just like to compete in different tournaments and travel as much as they can for prices as low as possible.

Wageningen Debating offers opportunities to everyone, no matter what your reason to debate is or what your level is. Even those a bit scared to talk in public can get the chance to overcome this fright. Our membership fee is only 20 euros for one academic year and includes discounts at workshops, tournaments and other activities, weekly practice, social events and much more.

We meet every week on Thursdays starting at 19.30 at Impulse (building 115 on campus). Just drop by some time to see what it is like; The Floor is Yours!

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One comment on “Wageningen Debating

  1. Dag,

    Binnen KLV zijn we met het jaarverslag over het jaar 2015 bezig. Aangezien jullie de studiekring-status hebben binnen KLV, zouden we graag van jullie ook wat input willen vragen voor ons jaarverslag. Het gaat om Wageningen Debating activiteiten in het jaar 2015. Kunnen jullie ons een lijstje opsturen naar janna.vanhoek@wur.nl? Alvast bedankt.

    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Janna van Hoek, secretariaat KLV

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